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FQS offers two exceptional studio spaces designed to meet the diverse needs of content creators, filmmakers, and broadcast streamers. Studio A, our premium option, boasts 4,000 sq ft of versatile space. Studio B complements this with 2,500 sq ft of adaptable space, featuring a pre-lit cyc wall. Both studios have top-tier amenities and easy access options to ensure a smooth rental.

Studio A Specifications

Size & Space:

  • 4,000 sq ft of versatile space
  • 18 ft ceiling height
  • 15×15 roll-up load-in door for easy access
  • Second roll-up door connecting to Studio B and loading dock

Power & Connectivity:

  • Built-in generator power redundancy with 200 amp camlock distro
  • 20 embedded SDI inputs for seamless broadcasting
  • 12 embedded fiber inputs for high-speed data transfer

Additional Features:

  • Integrated house sound system for superior audio quality
  • Ideal for large-scale productions, live broadcasts, and custom set builds
Studio B Specifications

Size & Space:

  • 2,500 sq ft of adaptable space
  • 40’ x 20’ cyc wall pre-lit with wireless DMX lighting

Access & Amenities:

  • Loading dock and ground dock door for straightforward logistics
  • Climate-controlled environment for comfort and equipment safety
  • Kitchenette area for on-site catering and refreshments

Additional Workspaces:

  • 1,500 sq ft office and broadcast area
  • Dedicated broadcast room for professional streaming and recording
  • Green room for guest comfort
  • Dressing room with hair and makeup facilities

Power & Connectivity:

  • Generator power redundancy with 200 amp camlock distro
  • 20 embedded SDI inputs, with 10 directly linked to Studio A
  • Integrated house sound system for clear and reliable audio


Located an hour outside of Atlanta, our facility is a perfect place for content creators. The studio is ideal for photographers, content creators, and larger broadcast/film productions. For multi-day productions, we have office spaces and meeting rooms ready for your use. 

Our full-featured broadcast suite is built to be ready-to-stream so our customers can be live as soon as possible.


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